Books, St. Patrick’s Day & the flu

Just over a week ago, I, along with many others, helped a friend move books from a store that was closing to her bookstore. Taylor owns Black Birch Books in Wasilla and it’s a wonderful, safe place. Sadly, the owner of C&M Books had to shut down her store due to health issues. It was a long night of going through old, and often cool, books to see which ones we wanted to go to Taylor’s store.

C&M Used Books
I went through ~98% of every single book in every single box on this wall!
Halfway done loading boxes of books
Going through, title-by-tile, books left on the shelves
Taylor looking for a specific type of books

So, immediately after this, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day:

Celtic Dancers at McGinley’s Pub in Anchorage

We participated in the pub crawl that night; however, I couldn’t stay out, I began to feel absolutely horrible. So, I went and laid down for just over a week. I’m still not over it.