The Shed: It begins!

Maybe the beginning was when I began to consider building instead of buying. It took years to settle on the design, and I still look at other plans and think about what could be

I’ve built a shed once, from scratch, for my place in Fairbanks, Alaska. It turned out okay, survived a heavy snow load, winds, and -60┬░F weather. But, that’s not going to be like this one. So, this is a learning experience.

According to George Buehler, in his book, Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding for the 21st Century, the temporary shop should be a few feet longer and many feet wider than the boat’s dimensions. I hope I guesstimated the lumber requirements. It was going to be $1,500+ for the materials. That’s when Teresa’s father helped me out tremendously!

Making 2×4 lumber! Actual 2×4, not nominal
Right across from the small mill setup

We broke a few blades
A days work staged on the building lot

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but hopefully, this will be enough lumber for the temporary structure, well, that and what I’m about to bring out in plywood and small pieces today.