Work continues: Mistakes, frogs & hope

We were finally able to get all the ribs in and, just as we were starting to add strengthening members, I noticed a mistake on one of the peaks: I had incorrectly measured, cut and used a top angle, which threw everything off.

Working in inclement weather: rain, lightening & thunder, & then sunshine

The penultimate peak is a bit higher than the rest due to that mistake and as a consequence, the angle on the walls was off; we came up with a way to address the wall issue and I have decided to keep the mistake in the build. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is square on this thing.

If I had a choice of building in a level garage big enough to house the boat or this land, I would definitely go with the garage; however, I wasn’t able to find an affordable solution other than this piece of land, which slopes from the left of the picture to the right and upwards as you come towards the front. Also, I also used rough-cut lumber that wasn’t dried or treated. The results are a fairly sturdy, if unconventionally ugly structure. It’s beautiful to me and I’m excited to finish it and get started on the boat.

A little visitor

I was working on setting up for the penultimate rib and noticed this little guy (or gal!) in the work area; I didn’t want it to get hurt, so we moved it.

Frogs are often seen as good luck omens and to “…the Egyptians the frog is a symbol of life and fertility, as well as rebirth or resurrection.” Either way, this Little One lit up our day and we put it in a safer place so it didn’t get hurt while we were working.

Kimiq and Quaniq keeping themselves occupied