Reflection, changes & shed completed!

Just after posting the last update, back in June, I injured my back and had to take a 2 month break on pretty much everything. That gave me a lot of time to reflect on what I was doing, where and why. After speaking with Teresa and several close friends, I made some drastic changes to my plans.

July 2019 work on the shed
I was told I don’t smile enough – I’m smiling inside: I’m on the water!
Climbing in insane fog on Marmot Peak in Hatchers Pass
September, at the Anchorage Pirate Pub Crawl with Shawn, a friend of mine who has been revived twice after having died from complications from cancer
October 2019 the shed is coming along nicely, if somewhat slowly; Teresa & Kimiq, my shepherd are playing in front
K.E. helping put roof cross members on the shed
FINALLY putting some plastic on the frame!
An old boat we found on the cheap; lead & stainless steel, plus a useable trailer = win!
Winter camping fun; Quaniq is having a blast in the background
Several miles in the pass; sadly, right after this it started raining like crazy

And that brings us up to December… and the changes we are making to the boat building process, specifically the design. That’s my next post.