Video work, trip to California & homicide

First, I have to say that I’m truly sorry for the family of the man who rented the lot next to my shed. On, or around, Christmas Day, his body was found on the property. Since it’s an active investigation, there’s not a lot of information. I just hope they find who did this so that his family can find some closure.

Interior shot; I have to get a shot of the benches, we now have 2 installed

I’ve been working on an intro video for the YouTube channel and it’s been quite the learning curve. I’m hoping to have something up there this week, even if it’s just an alpha-level video to show the progress.

And, after several years, I’ll be able to go see my best friend, Matthew, in California in about week! We’ve both been through some interesting times and it will be good to catch up.

Christmas shenanigans; incidentally, the dingy will be named Incorrigible