What’s in a name?

Sailors can be a superstitious lot, especially when naming a boat, or (even worse), renaming a boat. I once delivered a boat named Chapter 11 for an Australian guy. That’s certainly not a name I would ever choose!

I thought a lot about what I wanted to name a boat. Some ideas that I kicked around:

  • Merlin’s Revenge – an homage to the Queen Anne’s Revenge piloted by the fearsome pirate, Blackbeard, and one of my best friends, a deaf Australian Cattle Dog named ‘Merlin’ who died years ago;
  • Northern Girl – a reference to my two beautiful daughters; however, I’ve seen more than a few of boats carrying this name;
  • Rascal – named after a wolf-hybrid that befriended me when I was a young man; and
  • many more

I’ve had a fascination with ancient societies all my life, so much so, that I studied Anthropology/Archaeology while at university; as an aside, my undergraduate degree is in Foreign Languages and Anthropology.

S/V Khepri is named after the Egyptian god of rebirth and renewal and is based off the word “kheper”, which means “to emerge” and “to come into being”.

I wanted to name a boat something that portrayed the positive aspect of my journey. I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2011 and it took just over 7 years for my neurosurgeon to clear me for work. It’s been a long, difficult road, but, I’ve approached every new day with a positive attitude. Whatever weather may come, foul or fair, I choose to be grateful, respectful and approach life with a joie de vivre.