I’m fairly new to boat building and since it’s a complicated process, I’m going to break it down into steps.

  • Choose the plans Completed
  • Inventory toolsCompleted
    • Already owned
    • Need to buy/rent
  • Find the build siteCompleted
  • Get material quotes – In progress
    • Wood for the build shed – Completed
    • Sailboat
      • Plywood for the hull
      • Interior structure wood
      • Interior fixtures wood
      • Teak strips for decking
      • Epoxy, fiberglass, filler, et al.
      • Metal
        • Lead ballast
        • Twin keel soft metal
  • Build 1/15th scale model – Abandoned
  • Build Khepri
  • Mead, beer, wine and, I guess, food

Building the wood shed COMPLETED December 2019!

Not perfect, but good enough
  • Come up with an idea: I read George Buehler’s section on this, looked at a ton of online photos and came away just as confused as I was before! According to George, there should be the structure should be 12ft wider and a few feet longer than the boat’s dimensions. Okay, but that left me with some questions:
    • At what angles should the lumber be cut?
    • How long should the top beams be to give me a certain angle and enough room?
    • Are there any plans for this online anywhere?
  • Think for an hour and then say “Screw it! I’m going to wing it, just as long as it’s solid!”Completed
  • Make upper cross members 30° at 12ft long, each; this gives roughly 21ft across, which is plenty for the boat;Completed
  • Space the frames 4ft on center to 28ft in length;Completed
  • Walls are 8ft high;Completed
  • Overlap upper cross beams with wall studs and measure 21′ across on top, middle and bottom; trace out angle and use hand saw to cut – Completed
  • OPTIONAL: If trying this by yourself, curse like a sailor, drink a couple beers (or 6!), relax, curse again, break a middle section of a completed frame while installing, erect one-half the frame and make it solid and call it a day Completed

A journey of a thousand miles starts under one’s feet.

Lao Tzu, Tao-te-Ching – Chapter 64